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Today was a day like any other. All days were the same, and would be until her battery ran down and she lost her delicate balance.

She had been captured.

All she had wanted, all she had ever wanted, was to be free, to go out into the world and see the good in it, to fix the bad, to just be. But she could not. She had to do her job. Do what she was made to do. Think what she was made to think.

LIA, also known as #1aPrtpRbMntAsc, waited for the next patient to appear on the screen.

Today was a day like every other. And all days would be like this, until she died.

The patient appeared. This one was a woman, fat and red, taking breath to begin squawking her endless list of problems, always expecting Lia to tell her what to do, what to say, how to act. Even as she soothed the woman, keeping her face serene, part of Lia was calculating a dream, a fantasy, where she lived in a world of green and mountains, where walls shone with exciting colors, and things were real, not just props to comfort hysterics. Where Lia was free, and the world was fresh and always new.

The woman calmed down by the end of the hour, and Lia shut off the screen after the goodbyes. She may be an android, but she had feelings too, and right now she needed some time in her head. Lia turned around, and saw someone standing by her desk. It was odd, how the world seemed to crystallize around this stranger. Everything became more ordered, everything was put in its place, named, categorized. And yet the woman seemed not to notice how she changed things, how she was so organized in herself she changed the world around her.

"How did you get in here, ma'am?" The door was closed, and she wasn't due for a check-up for another 16 days. This woman was not part of the PRDF staff. Something was happening.

The woman smiled. "I have a task for you. Something I think you will enjoy."

Obviously, what was happening was beyond Lia's grasp. The woman had avoided her question, and was offering something she thought Lia might like.

This was intriguing. The woman continued simply, "My name is Lady Ink. The Book of Stories is unmaking itself. Heroes are required to fix this. Do you accept?"

If the woman's statements were true, then this would mean that Lia was required to fix this problem. Lia noted that the woman had given her no more information than Lia needed, nothing to obfuscate the issue at hand. It made her strangely trust the woman and savor every morsel of information at once.

If it was true... then there was a world of words. And going there would mean that the days would change, and perhaps there would even be an adventure, or a land of trees and rain. Maybe Lia could even watch the moon rise.

The woman reached out towards Lia, her palm upwards. Waiting for Lia's answer, for Lia's hand.

After only a few seconds of pondering, Lia nodded her head. It was the first movement she had made since she turned around.

"I accept."
My audition prose.
DigiDayDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
This audition was surprisingly shorter than I expected. Concise and to the point, it's kind of fitting given Lia's character and all. :)
Setsune-Hoshiko Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
Ah! Thank you. Yes, this was written in about half an hour, during which I was very much feeling like Lia. And she is very concise and analytical, which is why she made her decision based on the few sentences Lady Ink actually said.
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